Commercial pilot

Our Diamond DA40’s have the G1000 avionics system and Garmin GFC700 autopilot, meaning they fit the definition of “Technically Advanced Aircraft” and can be used for all of your initial commercial single engine training.

We are often asked the best route to proceed through commercial certification for an aspiring professional pilot. From a financial standpoint, it’s a no-brainer.  Complete the initial commercial, with its time and cross-country requirements, in the single engine at a much lower hourly cost. Then add-on the muti engine rating since it only requires training to proficiency without any specific time requirement.

On an accelerated basis, the initial single engine commercial training requirements can be completed in 5 full days.

5 DAY INITIAL COMMERCIAL (DA40)                                                                  

▪  Can be completed in 5 straight days or a customized schedule

▪  For 5 full days, cost of instruction is $3000 plus plane rental at $170/hr for a DA40. Approximate total cost is $4700 not including checkride.

▪  Half day will be preflight brief, flight, & post-flight brief. The other half-day will be ground with a lunch break in between

▪  If completed on an hourly basis or if additional time is needed, instruction is $75/hr


▪  Pass FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test

▪  Completion of a Commercial ground school course is recommended, such as Sporty’s, King Schools, or Aviation Seminars

▪  240 hours total flight time

▪  90 hours PIC

▪  45 hours cross-country flight time

▪  10 hours of instrument training on the areas listed in 61.127(b)(1) – must be logged as 61.127(b)(1) by your CFII during instrument training

▪  10 hours solo flight time, including:

i) One cross-country flight of at least 300nm, with landings at a three points, one of which is at least 250nm from the original departure point

ii) 5 hours flight Iin night VFR, including 10 takeoff and landings at an airport with an operating control tower.

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