Diamond DA42NG

The DA42NG, with a turbocharged, Jet-A burning diesel engine, is the most modern and safest piston twin on the market. The FADEC system provides simple power lever only operation, and the turbo engine provides sea-level engine performance up high. Additionally, excellent single-engine performance, advanced avionics, and outstanding visibility make this aircraft the best choice for both training and cross-country flying. 


Aircraft specifications


Composite airframe, fail-safe design (dual main wing spars and dual spars in both stabilizers). Trailing link retractable landing gear.


  • Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics System
  • GFC 700 Digital Autopilot
  • GIA 63W (WAAS)
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Garmin GTX345R (ADS-B in & out)
  • FIKI Ice Protection System
  • Continuous Flow Oxygen System
  • Reclining Seats



2x Austro Engine E4-B

  • liquid cooled
  • turbocharged 165 HP (each)
  • Diesel burning Jet-A
  • FADEC Single Lever Control



2x MT 3-blade composite, constant speed, full feathering

aircraft weight & performance


Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4189 lb

Basic Empty Weight: 3235 lb

Fuel Capacity: 76 gal usable. Main tanks – 50 gal; aux tanks – 26 gal



Cruise speed (at 75%): 160 KTAS; 13 gal/hr total fuel burn

Max operating altitude: 18,000 ft

Single-engine service ceiling: 13,000 ft (at max gross weight)

Climb rate: 1180 ft/min (at max gross weight)