fixed price commercial multiengine add-on & time building

Heading for an airline career?

You will be required to have a multi-commercial certificate and 25 hours multiengine flight time when you start ground school at a regional airline. You need a plan to build 25 multiengine flight hours….not just pass the multi checkride!

Knock out both requirements quickly at a guaranteed price in a Diamond DA42-NG. Earn a multi-commercial rating and log 25 multiengine flight hours. 6-8 days accelerated or at your own pace.

Most students are ready for the checkride in about 10-12 hours, but with this fixed price program you can take as much time as you want.  Once you have your multiengine rating, take the plane on fun flights to finish off the 25-hour credit.

Multi-Commercial Add-On & 25 Hour Timebuilding Fixed Price – $13,500 (Examiner fee not included)

Package includes:

  • 25 hours DA42-NG rental
  • As much MEI flight and ground instruction time as you need during the program
  • Unlimited use of our DA42 G1000 AATD 
  • Comprehensive ground study materials, available immediately
  • Rental after checkride to complete 25-hour credit